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Which of these Art Projects should I do with my son?

Toddlers need love, support and opportunities to express creativity. Here are some craft projects you can do with your toddler. Which ones do you like?

Which craft project should I do with my 4yr old?

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Kids are home and I want to do something fun. Here are several craft projects. Which should I do?

childrenchildrens art childrens crafts
50% (1/2)

Foil Tree Art

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This tree was painted using foil and paint. Kids l

foil tree art
0% (0/2)

A Handprint Flamingo

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This flamingo is made using a handprint. The more

hand print art
50% (1/2)

Caterpillar on the leaf

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From the feet of babes... This lovely art piece i

childrens artfootpainting
0% (0/2)

The Handy Goldfish

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Make a goldfish using your childs hand. Looks like

childrens arthand goldfish
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